Hi, I’m an avid homebrewer just like you. This patented product, like so many others, was born of necessity and designed with simplicity in mind. I grew tired of waiting an unacceptable amount of time for my kegged beer to clear up. Why not dispense beer that’s drawn from the top of the keg rather than the bottom? Once I realized how well the Clear Beer Draught System worked and how much my beer had improved through the use of it, I decided I had to get it into the hands of the homebrewing community. Thus, the creation of Brew Products, LLC and the manufacture of the Clear Beer Draught System. This is a 1 person operation, so I am directly involved with every product that is sold. My goal is to provide a quality product, made here in the USA, at an affordable price. I promise you, the Clear Beer Draught System will improve the quality of your beer, and it will last for your brewing lifetime.

Thank you,

William Broderick
Brew Products, LLC