CBDS Tune-up Kit


After many, many, brews, you may want to replace the silicone parts of the Clear Beer Draught System. The Tune-Up Kit consists of 4 pieces of cut-to-length food-grade silicone tubing, 6 food-grade silicone end caps, and 12 food-grade silicone O rings, 6 thick, 6 thin. Also included is 1 S/S bracket attach screw-in case you lose 1. If you wish to source the screws yourself, the dimensions are 8/32 thread size by 3/16 inch length. If you combine a Tune-Up Kit with a Clear Beer Draught System, there is no additional charge for shipping.

The Clear Beer Draught system is manufactured in the USA and all components are food safe. For more information and tips, visit the FAQ page.


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