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The Clear Beer Draught System is a patented floating intake that dispenses the clearest, cleanest best-tasting beer from the upper level of beer in your homebrew kegs. It’s easy to install and clean and does not require any modifications to your existing setup. With the S/S screen filter added to the system, you can add dry hops, wood chips, etc. directly to the keg without any worries of system clogs. This is a plug and play professional quality product that will pay for itself by reducing beer loss, and it will last a lifetime.

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The Clear Beer Draught system is manufactured in the USA and all components are food safe. For more information and tips, visit the FAQ page.

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10 reviews for CBDS + Screen Filter Combo

  1. Michael Nikkel

    These are a game changer for us! We are unable to cold crash our fermenters so it makes it difficult to keg at peak freshness due to dry hops in suspension clogging up our kegs now we can keg when the beer is ripe and fresh without worry. 24 units in action and working flawlessly. We will likely order more for our humble little nano brewery.

  2. Spectacular!

    Works precisely as advertised! It provides a remarkable decrease in time to clear beer. I bought two to start and will be getting more to outfit the rest of my kegs.

  3. Dustin

    My wife just ordered 2 of these and I am very impressed. We just brewed a super hazy double ipa beer that was clogging up my torpedo kegs and now we can finally enjoy it thanks to your product with screen. We are actually getting the best pours out of our Keezer that I ever have gotten now.

  4. Skeptical

    Hi, I was really skeptical of this product. I brew about 3 2.5 gallon beers a week on the Zymatic. I usually tap them after 10 days, they are always cloudy, maybe some yeast floating around in the glass. Since purchasing your product, the beer has been clear from the start to the end. IÕm so impressed, IÕm buying two more. Keep up the good work! Steve


    This thing is so awesome!! I tested it with the screen filter for use in my corny primary fermenter with an ipa. i put in 8 oz of pellet hops with 4.75G of wort. i was able to take samples throughout fermentation without clogging and then chill down and serve straight from primary! amazing! perfect for corny keg fermentation folks. Aaron


    Just thought I would tell you, I just ordered my second Clear Beer Draught system tonight. My first one has been working great, though I don’t always need it, it always gives me the clearest beer in my keg right from the start. I don’t worry about picking up a little bit of trub from the bottom of my fermenter now when I keg so I end up with a little bit more beer to drink from every batch. I also don’t have to worry about a little bit of loose hops in the keg, it’s never a problem.

    I’ve been able to get by with only one up until now, but, after adding more taps I really could use a couple more Clearbeers. So, tonight I ordered my second. I will probably order another at some point in the near future. You’ve got a great device and I would recommend it to any home brewer! Thanks!

    Jim McCall,
    Waterford, PA

  7. Well designed; easy to clean

    This is a well thought out design. All of the parts are high quality. I brew 10 gallon batches and the second keg was always better than the first because of the lengthened settling. With the CBDS, the first keg pours as clear as the second. I have 3, 5, and 10 gallon kegs and the CBDS works well in all of them.

    The parts are easy to disassemble and clean.

    Customer service was prompt and professional.


  8. Great product, especially for ciders!

    I have used this product with a few batches of cider and have had the same clear and crisp results each time. Like most home brewers I put a lot of effort, time and money into developing a great tasting product and the Clear Beer Draught System ensures that my ciders pour clean and clear to the bottom of the keg.

  9. Great Product & Great Customer Service

    The Clear Beer Draught System is simply awesome. It’s great for pouring clear beer immediately after force carbing. It helps tremendously pouring clean beer through a stout faucet, where trub or debris can otherwise clog the restrictor plate. I ferment in 10 gal corny kegs, and this is simply THE BEST WAY to transfer off the yeast cake while keeping a closed system. For dry hopping, I zip tie a mesh bag around the Clear Beer Draught System, dry hop in the keg, and it transfers off the dry hops with very minimal to no debris transfer. On top of all this, every time I’ve ordered, I get a response back the same day and shipped to my house within the next couple days. Can’t beat that!

  10. Great product

    I’m not really sure why this product isn’t more popular. The concept is so simple and the product is well made. I’ll be buying more and converting all of my kegs so I don’t have to waste more beer or wait until everything has settled.

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