The Clear Beer Draught System is a patented floating dip tube that dispenses the clearest, cleanest best-tasting beer from the upper level of beer in your homebrew kegs. It’s easy to install and clean and does not require any modifications to your existing setup. This is a plug-and-play professional quality product that will pay for itself by reducing beer loss, and it will last a lifetime.

Clear Beer Draught System

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The Clear Beer Draught System is a patented floating dip tube that dispenses the clearest, cleanest best-tasting beer from the upper level of beer in your homebrew kegs. It’s easy to install and clean and does not require any modifications to your existing setup. This is a plug-and-play professional quality product that will pay for itself by reducing beer loss, and it will last a lifetime.

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The Clear Beer Draught system is manufactured in the USA and all components are food safe. For more information and tips, visit the FAQ page.

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20 reviews for Clear Beer Draught System

  1. Fred Hollingshead (verified owner)

    Made my first purchase a few years ago and was very happy then. Since, I’ve tried some of the cheaper crap floats out there and they have all ended up in the trash along with the cash I spent on them. I’m expanding my setup from a three tap kegerator to a 10 tap keezer and I came back to make sure I use the CBDS floats in all of my kegs. I also use them for fermenting in my cornies. Want clear beer? Then spend a little more and look no further. You have found the best floating dip tubes on the market. And customer service? If you have an issue, send them a note and the owner, William Broderick, will be there to help out. Outstanding product and service.

  2. Excelent results!

    Just wanted to let you know that I just ordered my second Clear Beer system. I got my first last year and the results have been excellent! Dry hopped beer in the keg with absolutely no issues at all. Friends are amazed with the quality of my fresh hopped IPA’s! Will recommend to anyone who asks. Kudos to your company! Cheers!

  3. Great product

    To anyone who uses a corny keg to dispense beer this is a must have,
    Works great. and is very well made

  4. Long time brewer

    Aloha. IÕve been using the clear beer draft system for over two years now and I want to tell you
    what a great job this system does…and how much I appreciate the quality design and materials.
    This is an excellent idea and product. Mahalo, Doug Jeffs. Honolulu, Hawaii. Home brewer since 1994.

  5. Problem solved

    Your product instantly fixed a keg I had that was constantly getting jammed up by hop residue. Cannot thank you enough, this product is awesome!!

  6. Closed system transfer with Clear Beer system

    I do everything in kegs and transfer from the fermenter to serving keg with CO2. A couple weeks ago I brewed a beer and tried using a filter with rice hulls when going from kettle to fermenter. When it was done transferring, I pulled the dip tube and put in a Clear Beer setup. Today was transfer day and I expected the worst…the filter around the tube clogging or something. Nope, it worked beautifully right down to the bottom of the keg! Nice and clear, no clogs, no lost beer. Sure glad I got a third since I have two in the kegerator. Thanks again for a great product!


    I just received my Clear Beer Draught Systems and they’ve certainly exceeded my expectations. I’ve been brewing for eight years and roughly made somewhere between 200 and 300 batches. This product is a game changer. I just kegged a batch of overhopped early transferred centennial IPA that was a muddy mess at transfer. Hit it with 30 psi for 24 hours and the first pint was brilliantly clear and the hop flavor was bright as well as fragrant. Typically I’d be dumping the first 4 or 5 pints and drinking a muddy mess for the first half of the keg. Once my finances allow I’ll surely be ordering enough for all my kegs, awesome product.

  8. Amazing Clear Beer on First Glass

    To try it out, I had 1.75 gallons extra from my 11 gallon batch, put it in a 3 gallon corny, added one ounce of hops (no bag), and let is sit for a week. Chilled and carbonated it, and 8 days later I poured out 1/3 glass and dumped it. The next pour was crystal clear as if it was 2 weeks later. I usually have to pour out several pints to get to the clarity that I had right off the bat from pouring from the top of the keg…makes sense. I was tired of pouring my brew down the drain waiting for a clear pour and this gadget works great!


    Just wanted to say a big thank you for this amazing device, posted a review on Home Brew talk. Possibly the best piece of equipment I have purchased for brewing since I moved to all grain. Thank you!!!

  10. Top quality, works perfectly.

    What an amazing product. Top quality and works perfectly. I saw this and thought I can make something that works like this does. When I looked at the price I knew it wasn’t worth it. Stainless and silicone in a perfect configuration for the job and isn’t worth my time to reverse engineer. Thanks for bringing this to market. I didn’t even realize I needed this until I saw it.

  11. Exceeds expectations

    Your product has exceeded my expectations! Have used the 4 I currently have extensively over the past year, even loaning them out to friends to see how they hold up with constant usage. Not one problem or failure to date. Will be ordering more to completely switch out my supply of kegs, and will be giving as Christmas presets too. Great job.

  12. Wow

    Wow! I’m floored by how well this simple product works. I asked for one for Christmas and my wife got it for me. I tried it out with a 10 gallon batch. Half went into the keg with the clear beer draught system and half in a conventional dip tube keg. The clear beer was ready to drink in two days whereas the conventional dip tube keg was murky and harsh for the first couple of pints and nowhere near as carbonated or ready to drink as the clear beer! Needless to say I’m back on the site to 1. write a review and 2. order more of these! Thanks for inventing and refining this product, I think every keg should have one!

  13. Impressed

    Well, tried the new system for the first time on my IPA yesterday. I must say I am beyond impressed. The beer was so clean and clear already. No need to pour the first pint out either! It is an outstanding system. I agreeÉÓHell no!Ó I donÕt want the dip tube back.

  14. Exceeds product

    I bought one of these and loved it so much I bought several more. I just bought two more. They are easy to install and are a breeze to clean. It is a real pleasure to start a new keg of beer without the first several glasses cloudy with sediment.

    Great product.

  15. Great product

    I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Clear Beer Draught System. By the time my beer is carbonated, it pours crystal clear from the first glass to the last. I no longer have to throw away the first few glasses of gunk filled beer from the bottom of the keg. Also my beer seems to carbonate faster too. Perhaps its because the beer is being drawn from the top of the keg closer to the CO2.
    Appearance as well as taste determines our perception of a beer. It nice to be able to give friends beer that tastes and now looks like it came from a professional brewery. Thanks for a great product.

  16. Da bes!

    I love this thing! What’s not to love! Im drinking my DIPA’s in 12 days!. I’m an inpatient guy, especially when it comes to my home brew. It works exactly as Will describes. This invention is da bes! Thanks Will for sharing this great idea. And also, thanks for the fast and very very reasonable shipping. Living out here sometimes shipping cost make it impossible to make a purchase. All of my kegs are now equipped with the CBDS.
    Mahalo, Keith

  17. No homebrew keg should be without this!

    This is a great product. Awesome idea (*of course* it makes sense to draw from the top of the keg!) and built to last. It instantly improves the clarity and flavor of your beer. It also eliminates having to go through pints of not-so-great beer when drawing from the bottom, on order to get to the good stuff. With the CBDS, you immediately start with the best beer in the keg – the beer at the top.

    Will order my second one soon!

  18. Great Product!

    Saw this at NHC and had to try it. Very easy to install and works as described. Great for those less flocculant yeast strains or if you do a lot of keg fining like me. Easy to clean as well. This is great device if you want to shorten your conditioning time and drink your beer as fresh and clean as possible. If you do have any issues Will is happy to help.

  19. Awesome Product!!!!

    The Clear Beer Draught System is an incredible tool to have and allows you to pour clear beer right from the first glass. I love hoppy beer and had to deal with a lot of hop residue and other sediment for the first 5 or 6 glasses. With this system, you get an awesome poor as soon as you tap your Corny. I am in the process of converting all my kegs over. Great product and I high recommend it.
    Thanks – Larry S. (Fredericksburg, VA)

  20. Thumbs up from Iceland

    Just to tell you: The best thing that has happened to my brewing! Keep it up.
    J—nsson, Iceland

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